Coleridge Ode to Dejection English study materials

Coleridge Ode to Dejection important study notes

  • In the poem the poet expects a storm to occur.
  • He expects the storm by seeing the old moon in the arms of the new moon.
  • He wishes the storm to startle his dull pain.
  • He describes his grief and deep pain.
  • There was a time when he had a hope.

I.A.Richards Four Kinds of Meaning English study materials

I.A.Richards Four Kinds of Meaning Important study notes

  • Richards points out four kinds of functions of the language which lead to four kinds of meaning.
  • He identifies them as sense, feeling, tone and intention.
  • The first two functions sense and feeling are the denotative and connotative uses of language.
  • Sense is the paraphrasal literal meaning of utterance.
  • Language is a means of communication which has a sense.

Aristotle poetics English study materials

Aristotle poetics important study notes

  • Aristotle’s Poetics is discussed with reference to his theory of imitation and theory of tragedy.
  • It points out the six formative elements of tragedy; plot its kind and his views on characterization, ideal tragic hero Hamartia, the comparative importance of plot and character, the nature and role of diction and style.
  • Aristotle tells us that art imitates not mere shadow of shadows, but the “ideal reality” embodied in every object.
  • Aristotle’s theory of imitation is an answer to the charge of Plato that poetry is an imitation of “shadow of shadows”.
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