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Marketing – Fundamental Concepts and Approaches-Marketing Mix-Segmentation-Buyer behaviour, Four P’s Role of Middlemen Arguments FOR and AGAINST – Pricing policies and strategies.


Advertising-Media-Copy-Effectiveness-Consumer rights and protection – Recent Trends in Advertising.


Accounting for management-Functions and Benefits-Analysis and Inter pretation of financial statements-Ratios-Fund flow and Cash Flow-Budgetory Control.


Capital Expenditure decisions-Marginal costing and Break Even analysis – Managerial uses- Working capital forecast-Zero based -Budgeting.


Costing-Methods and Techniques of costing-Different cost concepts-Process-unit-Operating-job-contract, costing – CVP analysis-Profit planning.


Differential costing-Reconciliation of costing and trading Profits-Allocation and apportionment of overheads.


Entreprenential Development-Functions and kinds of Entrepreneurs-Traits-Women entrepreneurs-Incentives and subsidies- Consideration and Factors in setting up of an Unit Sources of Finance-Venture Capital-Forms of organization-Project Appraisal Techniques.


Role of Banks in EDP-TRYSEM – Self employment-SEEUY-SEPUP-DICS- Industrial Estate-Role of SIDCO, SIPCOT in Tamil Nadu TCO’s- Problems of small Entrepreneurs-Sickness of small scale units-Causes and revival.


Statistics-Importance- Scope-Primary and Secondary DATA – Collection – Tabulation and Analysis – Measures of Central Tendency – Dispersion – Correlation- Regression Theories of Analysis – Chi-square Test.


Sampling – Probability – Time Series Index numbers – Skewnes and Kurtosis.


Accounting Concepts and conventions-Amalgamation, Absorption and Reconstruction of companies.


Company Liquidator’s Final statement- Different Methods of valuation of shares and Goodwill.


International Trade – B.O.P. – Tariffs, Quotas and Licences-Terms of Trade – World Lending Bodies – IMF, IBRD AND ADB – Impact of liberalizations, privatization and Globalisation.


Export Promotion-Institutional Arrangements-EOU-EPZ-EOGC-SEZ EXIM Bank-STC-Multinational Corporations and Joint Ventures Abroad-EEC- Group of 8, G15-WTO – UNCTAD-IMf and SDR-International liquidity-International Chamber of Commerce-Recent Foreign Trade Policy of India – Euro currency.


Banking and Finance-Innovative Services of Modern Commercial Banks in India – Short-term instruments – Certificate of Deposits and Commercial papers- Diversification of Banking-Financial Services-Leasing-Credit Cards-Mutual Funds-Merchant Banking-Factoring Services – Credit rating – E banking.


Capital Market – Institutions and Instruments used-Development Banks (IDBI IFCI ICICI AND IIB) – Appraisal of term Loans – Regulation of Stock Market – Investor Protection – Dematerialisation and Depositories.


Company Law and Auditing-Concept of company-Legal Features- Promotion and Formation of Companies – Memorandum and Articles of Association – Alteration of Directors-Winding up of companies-Duties of a Company Secretary relating to Meetings.


Auditing – Scope Nature and objects of Auditing Kinds-Audit Programme- Internal Control-Internal Check and Internal Audit- Vouching-Verification of Assets and Liabilities-Auditors-Appointment-Duties and Liabilities-Investigation and Audit.


Direct Taxes and Tax planning: Income Tax – Basic concepts Incomes exempt from Tax Residential Status- Heads of Income- Salary Income – Meaning-Allowances and Prequisites- Provident Funds – Income from house property – Self occupied and Letout- Deductions – Profits and Gains from Business and Profession – Capital Gains – Deductions and Rebates allowed – Computation of CTI- Income from other sources.


Income Tax authorities – Powers – Filing of Returns- Types of Assessment – Wealth Tax Act 1957 – Concept of Tax Planning – Objectives- Systems and Methods- Factors in Tax planning- Tax Avoidance and Evation – Personal Tax planning – Various savings schemes.

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